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Learning Powers



Building Learning Powers at Tibberton School


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Building Learning Powers


We encourage the children to use our Learning Powers.  These are skills that children develop over time to help them learn independently and with more depth.  There has a lot of research about brain development and the skills that children need in order to establish good learning behaviours.  Children who are aware of their own learning powers are more successful as life long learners.

Learning behaviours can be broken down into four main depositions -


Resilience - The ability to keep going even when it is difficult, being ready to learn in all circumstances, managing distractions and perseverance.


Resourcefulness- Being ready to learn in different ways, asking questions, making links, using and finding resources to help, being logical and drawing on the environment around you for help.


Reflectiveness - Being ready and willing to be more strategic in learning, to think about planning ahead and reviewing learning, being flexible with plans and pulling out the essential features.  Being able to talk about Learning.


Responsiveness - Being ready to learn independently or with other people.  Knowing when to work collaboratively or alone. Being able to listen and empathise as well as imitating or adopting good learning habits form other people.


To help the children understand the concepts behind learning powers we have developed characters that represent the four important areas of learning skills


Tibberton School’s Learning Powers Characters


https://primarysite-prod-sorted.s3.amazonaws.com/tibberton-community-primary-school/UploadedImage/855b9a41adc3493e82c4d73efd2dfe59_1x1.jpeg  https://primarysite-prod-sorted.s3.amazonaws.com/tibberton-community-primary-school/UploadedImage/9e2c694e893d4c0ab75f875fca1d0e72_1x1.jpeg   https://primarysite-prod-sorted.s3.amazonaws.com/tibberton-community-primary-school/UploadedImage/449d20edc6f04b0588fa956b9e6d09b0_1x1.jpeg   https://primarysite-prod-sorted.s3.amazonaws.com/tibberton-community-primary-school/UploadedImage/a4ea271a12874515965d733680043bfa_1x1.jpeg


Resilient fox            Resourceful squirrel    Reflective Owl          Responsive Rabbit


All the children have been introduced to our characters. The characters have their own stories illustrating their learning powers.  The children have also discussed each character and produced their own key points about each area of learning. 


Children’s words and ideas.






I am Resilient

I keep trying.

I persevere.

I try again.

If I get things wrong

I have another go.

When the going gets tough

I keep going,

I am Resourceful

I imagine.

I ask questions.

I seek help.

I make links between ideas.

I find things to help me.

I can find resources to help me.

I reason things out.

I am Reflective

I think carefully.

I plan before I do.

I reflect on my mistakes.

I am organised.

I review my actions.

I think about how I can improve

I am Responsive

I am kind

I think of others 

I think about how my actions may affect others


If the children show any of these characteristics then these are acknowledged with a wooden ‘token’.  The wooden tokens are collected under our rainbow tree. 


In EYFS there are stickers for the children to help them understand the learning powers at their level.  They have simpler language to help them understand the concepts.  They also listen and take part in the stories to help them understand the words and actions.


EYFS - Learning Powers





I am Resilient

I keep trying.

I join in and concentrate.

I am proud of what I do.

I am Resourceful

I play with what I know.

I am an explorer.

I will have a go

I am Reflective

I can make links.

I have my own ideas.

I choose ways to do things.

I am Responsive

I can learn on my own.

I can learn with other people

In other classes there are stamps that indicate when children have shown their learning powers.






The Four characters have their own stories and these are attached so that you can read them with your children and talk about their learning powers.


How can you help?

You can help your children at home by supporting their learning powers in the following ways


  • Don’t rush to help your child if they are struggling with something, support and encourage and model resilience in achieving something that is hard to do.
  • When children are stuck ask them what they could use though help them become ‘unstuck’
  • Give children time to think about their activities. Time to be at home and developing their own games and strategies is very important.
  • Let children decide if they need to do something on their own or with other people.  Encourage them to watch and listen carefully to others so they can learn that way too.
    Get your child to spot when you are resilient, responsive, reflective or resourceful.  Talk to them about these dispositions; for example “I had to be resilient at work today as I was learning a new IT system and it was hard.  I wanted to give up…but I didn’t” 
    “The fridge door won’t shut.  What can we use or do to get it to work again?”
    These ideas don’t just relate to academic work but everyday life.  Washing up, cooking a meal, changing the duvet, doing the washing, weeding, planning a party or day out, map reading and paying for shopping are all good ways to develop learning powers. 
    Have fun with them!

    Stories from the Oak Tree
    Resilient Fox
    Resourceful Squirrel
    Reflective Owl
    Responsive Rabbit
    Resilient Fox
    Resilient Fox lived in an old beech tree with his friends, Owl, Squirrel and Rabbit.  One day there was a terrible storm and the tree blew down.
    The animals were distraught and started to cry.
    “Don’t worry “, said Fox “We will find another home…. come on let’s look…”
    The animals set off and soon Owl found a dusty old shed without a door.  The animals decided to spend the night in the shed.
    All night long the wind howled, the moon shone and the rain fell.
    In the morning the animals were sad, the shed had been so draughty with the wind blowing through the door all night that no one had slept.
    “That’s it!” said owl “We are never going to find somewhere to live now”
    “Don’t give up!” said Fox “Let’s have another go at finding a new home!”
    The animals set off and soon Squirrel found a tent that had been left behind.  The animals decided to spend the night in the tent.
    All night long the wind howled, the moon shone and the rain fell.
    The next morning the animals were even sadder, the tent had not been dark enough, with the moon shinning bright all night, and no one had slept.
    “That’s it!” said Squirrel “We are never going to find somewhere to live now”
    “Don’t give up!” said Fox “Lets persevere and find another home!”
    The animals set off and soon Rabbit found a huge pile of leaves in a ditch.  The animals decided to spend the night in the leaves.
    All night long the wind howled, the moon shone and the rain fell.
    The following morning the animals were the saddest they had been. The leaves had not been waterproof and they were all soaking wet from the rain that fell all night and no one had slept.
    “That’s it!” said Rabbit “We are never going to find somewhere to live now”
    “Don’t give up!” said Fox “When the going gets tough, we just need to keep trying!”
    The animals set off again and soon Fox found a huge old oak tree with lots of branches, hidey-holes and room between the roots for burrows and dens.  The animals decided to spend the night in tree.
    All night long the wind howled, the moon shone and the rain fell.
    The following morning the animals woke up late as the sun was peaking over the horizon.
    They had all slept well!
    “Hooray!” They all shouted, “We have found our new home.  Thanks to Fox who was resilient and just kept on trying until we got there in the end!”
    https://primarysite-prod-sorted.s3.amazonaws.com/tibberton-community-primary-school/UploadedImage/381dcb5d3e934eb08167e76f35217f05_1x1.jpeg  https://primarysite-prod-sorted.s3.amazonaws.com/tibberton-community-primary-school/UploadedImage/90871af912f248ec9d40bf4082e56313_1x1.jpeg
    And…they are all still living there now!
    Resourceful Squirrel
    Squirrel loved living in the oak tree; she had a cosy dray to snuggle up in, masses of acorns to eat and lots of friends to play with.  But there was one thing that annoyed her.  The acorns on the tree kept falling on the ground and she would have to scamper up and down the tree to collect them, one at a time to eat.
    Poor squirrel was fed up with only being able to carry one acorn at a time!
    So she set about gathering up some resources to help her.  She got
    A wicker old basket
    Some garden string
    Some wooden pegs and
    A pulley type thing.
    She put them altogether, pegging the string to the basket and putting the string through the pulley.  She scampered up the tree with the string in her mouth and attached the pulley to her branch.
    Squirrel asked Owl, Fox and Rabbit to help her with the fiddly string, she was no good at knots and Owl kindly flew the pulley to the branch in the tree so Squirrel could attach it!
    Within minutes she had made a clever contraption that allowed her to fill her basket with acorns and then haul them up to the top of the tree so she could eat them to her heart’s content.
    With my resources and
    The things that I found
    I can lift many
    Acorns up from the ground.
    I am resourceful
    I link my ideas
    I imagined an answer
    Not my fears
    With a bit of help
    From my furry friends
    I can eat acorns
    Until the day ends!
    Reflective Owl.
    Reflective Owl lives in Resilient Fox’s tree.  He is often quiet as he thinks a lot.  All owls think a lot.
    One day he was feeling rather hungry, resourceful squirrel was eating acorns and Owl fancied a juicy mouse.
    So…. he thought and thought and thought and came up with a plan.
    He found a large log with a hole in the middle; he put a green apple inside and waited for a fat juicy mouse to go inside.
    He was patient and soon a mouse climbed into the log and started to eat the apple. 
    Owl flew down silently and looked inside the log; the apple and the mouse were gone! 
    Owl reviewed his plan and realised that the mouse had run off through the log and he decided that he needed to block the log up. 
    He thought and thought and thought and decided to block the end with straw.  He put in another green apple and waited.
    He was patient and soon the mouse climbed into the log and started to eat the apple. 
    Owl flew down silently and looked inside the log; the apple and the mouse were gone! 
    Owl was disappointed but he reflected on his mistake and realised that the mouse could just push through the straw.
    He thought and thought and thought and decided to block the end with a pebble.  He put in another green apple and waited.
    He was patient and soon the mouse climbed into the log again and started to eat the apple.  This time though Owl’s plan worked!!!  The mouse couldn’t escape and Owl had a juicy mouse for his supper.
    Later he was thinking and realised that he had made a plan, reviewed it and reflected on his action in order to achieve his aim.
    Responsive Rabbit
    Responsive rabbit loved living under the oak tree but she really wanted some carrot cake like her mum used to make.  She talked to her friends Owl, Squirrel and Fox and they suggested that she planted carrots so she could make carrot cake.
    So early the next morning she got up and worked quietly in the field planting carrots seeds. Rabbit thought about how well she was doing planting the seeds on her own.
    She watered the carrots everyday working hard to make sure they were growing strong and straight.
    One day she saw that the biggest of the carrots was ready to pick, she started to pull it up.  She pulled and she pulled and she pulled but the carrot would not budge.
    She thought to herself “I need some help” and she called for Squirrel to help.
    They pulled and they pulled and they pulled, but the gigantic carrot would not budge!
    She thought again “We need some more help” and she called for Owl to help.
    They pulled and they pulled and they pulled, but the gigantic carrot would not budge!
    So she thought again “We need even more help” and she called for Fox to help.
    They pulled and they pulled and they pulled and POP the gigantic carrot came out of the ground.  The friends all laughed and giggled as they fell all over the floor.
    “WOW” said Rabbit “Although I planted and grew that carrot by myself I certainly needed your help with pulling it up!”
    Fox and Owl and Squirrel stayed with Rabbit and helped clean, chop and cook the gigantic carrot and it made the most delicious carrot cake ever!!!