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Letter from the Chair of Governors


Dear parents and carers

As we come to the end of the academic year, we reflect on all that we have achieved over this past year. And this year is no exception, if not in a slightly different way! For this year can only be described as surreal. It has been a worrying time for us all and a challenging time. Challenging for Mrs Horniman and all the staff involved with the constantly changing and updating of guidance for schools during lockdown and the work involved for the gradual reopening of our school; and challenging for parents and carers to adapt to home schooling whilst continuing working themselves.

The governors have been involved and kept up to date on the school changes and adaptations to learning on a weekly basis, in addition to continuing to hold our Governing Board meetings albeit virtually (which has been a challenge in itself with poor internet from my home!)

In terms of our expectations for the school, there has been a change of emphasis, but not direction. Safeguarding remains the number one priority in addition to ensuring all children and staff are kept as safe as we possibly can in this current situation. We have updated our policies and risk assessments to reflect the new working arrangements, but otherwise nothing's changed. Our vision for the school’s development remains unchanged, as does our expectation around children’s learning. There will have to be changes to our short-term expectations on school performance, but nothing changes in the medium to long-term.

We are desperate to get back to some kind of normality, as everyone is, but it is more likely to be a journey than a specific date in the calendar. Once we’re through this we will look forwards not back. We will remind ourselves what made this school great and we will build on it. There will inevitably be some catching-up to do, but we will see that as an opportunity, not a problem. Please be assured that, despite the challenges we face, we remain committed to supporting every child and every family.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Mrs Horniman and the entire Tibberton School and Early Years staff for their absolute dedication to the school and most importantly the children during this difficult time. Despite we as parents and carers not being able to see much of the day to day goings on as we normally would have, the staff have worked tirelessly- planning for and completely rearranging the school to accommodate social distancing requirements and the government guidance; the administration involved in keeping the DfE updated on a daily basis; implementing new cleaning regimes; planning and providing work for the children’s home-learning and assisting parents/carers through Tapestry while continuing to come in to school

during lockdown to care for the keyworker children and the subsequent reopening of school to other children.

I would also like to thank you as parent and carers. Thank you for keeping your children safe and adhering to the government social distancing guidelines etc. But most of all thank you for all your hard work home-schooling your child(ren). It hasn’t been easy (from first-hand experience it honestly hasn’t!), particularly if trying to juggle with your own work commitments. You have all done everything you can to protect your children and kept them at home during lockdown and beyond, where possible, and many of you will have made sacrifices in order to do this. So, thank you!

And thank you children! You have all been amazing! You have adapted well to these strange times. You’ve missed your friends I am sure but you have all risen to the challenge of a new way of learning. And you have also gained such valuable life skills at home.

I would like to send all the Year 6 children special good wishes as they leave Tibberton. I understand that it will have been a disappointing end to their time here but am glad that they will all be getting together (socially distanced of course!) this week for their leavers ‘do’. We hope you have fond memories of Tibberton and every single one of you has flourished during your time here, including gaining you’re learning powers which will stand you in good stead for your next step of schooling. I wish you great success for your future, whatever you choose to do.

I hope that we will never go through anything like this again, but the support you have shown Mrs Horniman and the rest of the school has been heart-warming. As a society we are learning who and what really matters in a time of crisis and I hope this is a memory we all carry once we come out the other side.

My final thanks are to Mandi Pearce and Cath Perks, our two longest serving Governors who will be stepping down at the end of this academic year. Thank you both for your hard work and dedication to the school, nursery and governing board. I wish you both the very best wishes for the future. And thanks must also go to Caroline Notley, our clerk, who is retiring this summer. Thank you Caroline for all your help and support and I wish you a long and happy retirement. I would like to finally extend my thanks to all the governors who have worked together to support myself, Mrs Horniman and the rest of the staff.

As we begin the next phase towards a ‘new normal’ in September, we have many more challenges ahead, but I am confident that our wonderful school community can work together to ensure the Tibberton CP School and Early Years continues to be a place where our children can Learn, Explore, Aspire and Flourish.

I wish you a very happy summer holidays.

Stay safe everyone.

Yours sincerely

Amy Johnson

Chair of Governors