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Response to Family Survey - School Vision

Tibberton CP School

Voyage to our Vision

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Results from Family Surveys

March 2016





Voyage to our Vision

Results from Family Surveys 2016


All the families in the school were asked to complete a survey about the school.  This was to help us look at our vision for the future and to assess where we are now.

The following are the results of the survey. (25% of families responded).  The results are shown as percentages of respondents.


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Summary of strengths

Families strongly valued the friendly family feel of the school in the local community. 
They also strongly valued the good teaching and learning and the inclusive personal and caring attitudes in the school.


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Summary of strengths

The results show a huge range of areas that the families felt the school was good at.

The families indicated that the school’s greatest strengths were

Parent and family involvement, this included assemblies, happy hours and use of the community.
Instilling values through helping children to be happy, having good friendships, teaching values, nurturing children to be caring, confident and responsible.


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The most popular suggestions were.

The school to be OFSTED outstanding
The school to continue as it is improving as it goes.
To have a more consistent workforce
To have a workforce that was more diverse


Slogan Ideas


We also asked Families to come up with slogan ideas.

Here are some of the ideas suggested.


  • Live Laugh Learn.
  • Grow, Learn, Develop.
  • Happy, healthy education.
  • Be the best possible, now and always.
  • Individuals working as a team.
  • Achieving begins with fun.
  • Every child deserves the correct start it their education and that’s what they get at Tibberton School.
  • Quality teaching in a nurturing and caring environment.
  • Working for each other.
  • Many shining starts together guide the way.
  • Achieving together helps everyone do better.
  • Creating bright futures.
  • We can all shine.
  • Aspiring to be the best we can.
  • Growing positive futures.
  • Growing together, celebrating achievement.
  • A place where you children will grow in mind, body and confidence.
  • An environment that is engaging and responsive to each child at each stage of their development.
  • Explore, embrace, excel.
  • Great opportunities make great people.
  • Sharing, growing and learning together to reach/exceed potential.
  • Education that shines through our smiles.
  • Be brave
  • Be best you can and we will grow together.
  • Strive to achieve.
  • Be the best you can.
  • Explore dream discover.


Every family suggested a word that summed up the school.


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Thank you for your participation in our survey. 

The children staff and Governors have also been asked their opinions and these can be viewed in our VISION book in the entrance hall. 

Please do come in and have a look. 

The children have been adding their ideas for logos and slogans.