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Phonics and Reading Schemes

Phonic and Reading schemes.


Tibberton CP school and Early Years follows a phonic scheme, (teaching of sounds and letters).  This scheme uses  the  Super Sonic Phonics scheme (starting in Sept 2022).  This is a comprehensive scheme that covers the phonics children need to learn to promote success in reading and writing.


The school uses a variety of books to support children’s reading.  Children learn to read in different ways so individual needs are supported by different types of books.  These will  include phonic books where children learn to decode and blend.  We also provide other books for children to explore and read for pleasure - It is important to provide children with a wide variety to become confident readers.

The staff hear children read on a regular basis. Children are more successful if this is followed up at home with parents hearing children read daily and phonics or spelling being practised when sent home.  All children have a reading diary for parents and staff to comment in.


Please do ask if you want to know more about our schemes.