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Visitors Comments


I just wanted to say how very much I enjoyed my visit this morning. I think you have a unique and wonderful school with confident, articulate and talented children.

I was so impressed by the thoughtful opportunities all the staff offer in the learning environment, and their reflective responses to children’s needs and requests; I know it takes a lot of courage and determination to achieve!

And most of all I was struck by the happiness of children’s busy voices in all the classrooms, the excitement children were experiencing outside and the overwhelming feeling of integrity that is woven through every encounter I had – children and adults.

Thank you for taking time to show me round, and for our really useful and lovely conversation, it is a luxury to immerse myself in so much good practice.

Thank you also for my lovely lunch – also a luxury on a weekday!

Catherine Davenport

Quality and Improvement Advisor

Education Outcomes and Intervention - Early Years’ Service

Comments left after our recent open morning

Really insightful and fun!  Giving me ideas on things to play with my children.


Lovely morning!  the changes in Year 1 and 2 are fab, lots for the children to explore.


Very impressed.  A lovely school with a very dynamic yet friendly & personable feel.  Thank You


My daughter was very excited about open morning.  It was lovely to see how she works in her classroom.  It was also nice to see my son interacting with his friends as he has just started school.


I thoroughly enjoyed my morning visiting my children in their classrooms.  In the new year if the opportunity was to arise, I would really enjoy spending some time in school helping out.


Always fabulous to see the children at school. Thank you


A fab open morning.  Really lovely to see so much child initiated learning.  Children were all able to clearly explain what they were doing.  A credit to the school.

Here are some recently received letters and comments from our Visitor's Book

Visitor’s Comments


Thank you Reception team
It has been a lovely morning – gaining valuable insights into how to support  X  with his reading and phonics. And how lovely to see X  in his Reception setting.

I feel confident and reassured by both the choice of school and in the teaching quality and approach.
Well done Reception team and Tibberton


Thank you for a great tour around the school today. Our guide  XX  was very informative and my daughter and son enjoyed looking at everything.


Thank you for allowing the opportunity to come in, the description of the phonics was great.  It was wonderful to be in the classroom and experience how the children are learning and developing. It was very informative for our own home pattern and strategy. Thank you


On behalf of the Rudford Church council I would like to thank you most sincerely for the use of your staging last Saturday night.  It helped the audience see our professional performers much better.
Many thanks once again


A real pleasure to spend time engaging with such compassion compassionate and professional staff finding the best ways of balancing the need to advance performance data with meeting the human needs of pupils in difficult places is often difficult.
Staff should feel proud that they are doing so with such dedication.


I just have to say that your administrator has the most cheerful voice and is the most pleasant person to speak with she has the ability to make you feel happy.


Always a pleasure and a joy to come and visit such happy engaged children my guide was wonderfully helpful and polite many thanks to our amazing teaching staff,

Thank you for allowing parents to interact with their children and staff in a classroom environment. I really enjoyed seeing their work and speaking with their teachers who were engaging and enthusiastic! Thank you for taking the time to get to know our children so well and giving them so much time and attention

Was given a lovely tour around the school by +++++ in year five, he very proud proudly showed me everyone's work and explained it all in great depth. So polite, so grown-up, such a pleasure.

Thank you for the opportunity to look around Tibberton School, and thanks especially to +++++ , the school is such a welcoming place.



Great! Thanks so much for a lovely morning. Going away with lots of great ideas. Many thanks.



A very informative visit.  Thank you for the warm welcome and for giving the time to showing us around.



Had a fabulous 10 weeks teaching violins here. Lovely bunch of teachers and pupils thank you.



Many thanks for a warm welcome, Year 5/6 were very enthusiastic and asked lots of questions from Smoke Busters



Thank you so much for welcoming me to your lovely school.  I have never met such wonderful, polite and hardworking children.  Everyone wanted to show me their work and I was delighted to see how proud they were of their achievements.  I hope to visit again!


I have thoroughly enjoyed visiting the maths happy hour today.  The children all looked like they were learning and having fun AND they taught me things! Well done


Was great to come and see Maths in action today and the different methods, technology available in schools today.  Keep up the good work.


Maths happy hour was very informative.  Really interesting to see how maths is taught and progresses throughout the school years.  Lovely to see all the children engaged and enjoying their work.


I think the games played to introduce and grow maths knowledge is fantastic.  I can see everyone enjoying an otherwise daunting activity.


Very good idea to focus only on mathematics!  I would very much like to see more focus groups to understand methods that are being used etc.


Fantastic maths morning thank you!  I was blown away by the advanced maths the years 5 & 6’s were doing and how the children were having fun through all the years.  Maths is going to feature much more in our daily life now!


It’s great to see the kids working together in groups of 2-4, and the creative and varied ways maths is being taught at Tibberton.  Inspiring that they’re learning challenging and interesting stuff!  Thank you for inviting us in.


Thank you for inviting me to your school to deliver self-defence and awareness taster sessions. The children were polite, well behaved and very enthusiastic to learn simple but practical self-defence skills.  They all worked sensibly and with much care towards each other.  I was particularly impressed with some of the feedback and responses from the children regarding “Stranger danger” and general staying safe rules.  One of the best groups of children I have coached this year.


What a thoroughly enjoyable and educational morning.  Very interesting to see how maths has changed over the years.


I had a fantastic time in school this morning.  It was a pleasure to see all the children so engaged with maths and having so much fun too!


Thank you for inviting me to speak with the Year ¾ pupils about oral health and hygiene.  The children were a pleasure to speak to; they were well behaved, polite and really engaged with the topic asking intelligent questions and showing enthusiasm throughout!  We had a fun session.


It was lovely spending time at reception and seeing E and the other children exploring the room and learning through play.  Very impressed with the layout of all the toys and play equipment which had a wide range of textures.  Information meeting on Phonics.


My children showed me phonics and numbers fishing, rhyming baskets and lots of other things – as ever – hard to pay attention to two at once so great when a teacher and or ta joined in.  Thank you for letting me visit and see their learning journey and everything.


W loved showing me all the things he has done so far since starting school.  We had a look through the learning journal and pretended to make sand castles with oats and corn.  Nice to see how much the kids are growing and how much they have learnt in such a short period of time.

It was really great to come and see what my twins have been doing at school and the different ways they are learning, thank you!


The letter about success was brilliant!


It’s great to celebrate the successes.

Good Morning, Thank you for reply, I will certainly try to get someone to attend, I might be able to get cover for my teaching commitments.  That is a shame about the rughy tots - hopefully it will run next time I just loves school - long may it last!  I would just like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff at Tibberton for giving I such a wonderful first experience of school. THANK YOU.


I was delighted to spend a morning with Miss Goldsmiths Class watching your aircraft building project.  Your enthusiasm and interest in the subject of aviation was fabulous.  I wish you well in your work in modifying your models and am looking forward to meeting your winning designers at the Jet Age Museum on November 26th 2015.


I enjoyed seeing all the exciting work going on in the classrooms.  I was impressed with the calm and focus evident within all the various learning spaces in the school.


So great to see so many well-behaved children all working hard.  Loved the year 5/6 classroom, and the beautiful artwork all around.


I was impressed how quiet and well behaved years 2 & 3 were.  It was really good to see them working.


Thoroughly enjoyed happy hour.  Lovely to see how the children interact with each other and the teacher.  Love the layout of the year 5/6 classroom.  Very relaxed.


The year 6's were fantastic at showing people around.  Our pupil was chatty and informative Thank you.


Fantastic to see how the classes are working and the tools they are using. Thanks


Very helpful.  Thank you to our pupil who showed us around.  Enjoyed seeing everything you did at the Isle of Wight.  Was interesting to see the different activities the children have the choice of doing in the morning.


Lovely to see some great artwork and school work on display.  The children are beautifully behaved and the classrooms feel nice.  Greta to see how the children are learning - the tools used etc.


The two young ladies from Year 6 who showed us around were very impressive and clearly proud of their school.  thank you for letting me come and see the school in action!.


Really great to see the reception kids learning through play.  I thought it is a great environment for them.  Thank you.


Great stuff.  I was very interested in seeing how the children are taught, particularly how the phonics are caught within the classroom setting.  All the children throughout the school seem to be fully engaged in their activities, it was a privilege to be able to observe, thank you for the opportunity.


All the work on display is fabulous!  We don't get much chance to see it.  Children seem really engaged.  Enjoyed the tour.  Well done year 6.