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Who's Who

Teaching Staff 

Mrs Amanda Horniman is head teacher.  

She is the Designated Safeguarding Lead. (DSL)

Mr Squeakles is the School and Nursery Guinea-pig.  He is always pleased to cuddle up with the children.


Miss Jessica Goldsmith is the full time teacher for Magpies class. 

She is the Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead.

Mrs Jane Horton shares the class teaching for Blackbirds Class.


Mrs Jo Kitto shares the Kingfishers class with Mrs. Carslake.

She is on the Senior Leadership Team and is Curriculum Lead. 


Mrs. Carly Carslake shares the teaching in Kingfishers Class  with Mrs. Kitto. 

She is also the SENDco for the school.

Mrs Catherine Bridgens teaches in Wrens class.  

She is our EYFS Lead.

Mrs Kristiina Dockray shares teaching of Wrens class.

Mrs Helen Ledger is sharing the teaching of Blackbirds class.


      Mrs Blane is sharing the teaching of Robins class  


  Mrs Peak is sharing the teaching of Robins Class



Family Support Worker

Family Support Worker 1 Natalie Wallace is our Family Support Worker

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Diane Williams works in Magpies Class


Mrs Ann Williams works in Robins class.


Mrs Penny Meredith works in Wrens Class

Mrs Karen Hatcher works in Blackbirds Class

Miss Demelza Hughes works in Kingfisher Class as well as Breakfast and After school Club.    Mrs Jane Desai works in Magpie class

   Miss Jessie Wallace works across the school

School Administrators

Mrs Caroline Notley is the administrator & Clerk to the Governors


Mrs Heidi Kirley is the School Business Manager 


After School Club

Mrs Lucy Chadderton.

She also works in Nursery and Magpies Class.

She is the Nursery Administrator 


Nursery Staff

Nursery Staff  1 Fiona is the Nursery Manager
Nursery Staff  2 Natalie Wallace is the Nursery SENDco and DSL
Nursery Staff  3 Irene is a nursery Educator
Nursery Staff  4 Keiana is a nursery Educator
Nursery Staff  5 Clare is a is a Early Years Teacher
Nursery Staff  6 Nicola is an Early Years Teacher
Nursery Staff  7 Sue is our Nursery supply teacher
Nursery Staff  8 Lucy is a nursery educator
Nursery Staff  9 Sam is an Early Years Teacher