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Special Needs

SEND Profile

Tibberton Community Primary School and Early Years currently supports several children with special educational needs or disabilities. We treat all children as individuals and plan for their success in school through a variety of ways. Children with special needs have an individualised learning plan called a My Plan.


What support does our school give children with special needs?

These children have been identified based on their progress and needs within the classroom and our school has put many actions into place to support them. Every child on the Special needs and disabilities register receives personalised support or intervention from one of our experienced and skilled TA’s and their teachers. The support received may be on a 1:1 basis or it may be as part of a group. We use a range of strategies, resources and materials based on each individual child’s learning styles and needs, to help the children to achieve their outcomes.


The outcomes on the children’s My Plans/My Plan Plus are reviewed regularly to see whether they have been achieved. If they have, the teacher will review the next steps needed for them to continue their progress further and write this into their new outcome(s). If they haven’t achieved them then they will continue with them and adjustments are made where necessary to ensure achievement happens as promptly as it can.


We have good partnerships with various external agencies within our LA, and we employ their support where necessary. you can find information on the LA local offer at  https://www.glosfamiliesdirectory.org.uk/kb5/gloucs/glosfamilies/advice.page?id=wuqVE7zhde8