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Hopeful Rays School & Kenya

Another fantastic Kenyan Evening on Friday 11th October, with good food and fab entertainment from the Bantaba Band, a Gloucester based African drumming group!

The children absolutely adored the parachute - we didn't realise we'd taken such a large one but it meant more children could play!


You are also never to old (or young) to play with a Brio train set either it appears!  another favourite with both the children and the staff.


Have you spotted any Tibberton uniforms? When we changed to our rainbow design, we gathered up lots of donated uniform and sent it out with Irene Jeffree when she visited the school.


We have also donated pencils, rubbers, balls and books.


We will be hosting a reciprocal visit from a member of Hopeful Rays.

Term 1 Kenyan exchange

On Saturday 12th October Mrs Diane Williams and Miss Keiana Eden-Cox travelled to Kenya and our twinned school Hopeful rays. On Sunday, their first day they met some of the local animals! Keiana says one of the pictures is of marabou storks which we saw in the trees around Nairobi. Marabou storks are in the story "the ugly 5", which the nursery children will know!