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The Coronation

On Friday morning the whole school came together to celebrate the coronation. It was a joy to see the children all dressed up in red, white and blue as well as some brilliant royalty inspired costumes! Classes spent the morning making crowns and we enjoyed a fantastic tea party (many thanks to those that contributed) joined by volunteers, helpers and members of the community. We all signed our guest book as a record of who joined us for the celebration. The children sang the coronation song and prizes were given out to our coronation competitions winners (many thanks to all the entries, it was very difficult to make a final decision!). We then enjoyed the sunshine with an extended break time.

Some of the classes have been learning about the coronation this week whilst others may be extending their learning into this week as well as each class creating their own commemorative tiles.

In nursery the children had their own coronation carriage to explore and were able to explore the route past famous landmarks.

Sparrows have found out about King Charles and drawn sketches of him and Camilla, they have made lots of union flag inspired decorations and a profile picture of King Charles, they have made crowns, a thumbprint union flag tile, coronation plates and the have learnt all about the coronation ceremony through role play.

In Puffins the children have been thinking about how the stamps will change with the new king and designing their own stamp designs. We have been learning what a coronation is and looking at the different regalia used, the children were fascinated by Queen Elizabeth's coronation footage. We read a story about the life of Charles III and wrote our own questions which we would like to ask the king. The Puffins also helped make union jack flags to decorate the tables at our picnic.

Barn Owls - we have a had a full week of celebrations and learning about the coronation. We started the week off by learning about the life of King Charles and his timeline, we then created collages of the Kings face. In English we have been working on writing a letter to the king with some advice and questions we have for him. We also made our own crowns and joined the whole school for an amazing tea party today! The children have loved learning about the coronation and celebrating it together.

A special thanks to the members of the WI who helped with cakes and drinks on the day! Also to the PTFA for providing every child with a commemorative bookmark.