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Book Reviews

Children across the school are encouraged to share their thoughts on the books they read through discussion and writing book reviews. 



Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper
Our favourite part:
Wren- the end of the story when the Duck wants to play the bagpipes.
Florence- the middle when the cat got bumped on the head with the spoon by accident!
Effie- I like the bit when the Duck mixed the soup really fast and made a mess.
Preston- the end when Duck goes back home.
Elsie- the start, because they had a squabble.
Nathan- I think squabbling, the squabble at the end when Duck                                                                                                 wanted to play the bag-pipes.
                                                                                             Luca Alba- I liked all of the pumpkins.
                                                                                             Archie- I liked all of the pumpkins too.
                                                                                             Albie- The squabbling was funny.
                                                                                             Wilf- The squabbling, because it’s funny.





Book Review - Eagles Class